Programs for children

Tiny Picassos

 Age 4-6

Students are introduced to the basis of art and different art mediums. Program incorporates music, play and creative storytelling!!!


Adorable Van Goegh's

Age 7-9

Children gain more experience and knowledge as they investigate their creative side.


Marvelous Monet's

Age 10-12

Children explore the world of art through their eyes. They continue their art journey and learn more about art techniques, mediums and artists.


Impressive Raphael's

                      Age 13-16

Students discover their own creativity on more advansed level. Portfolio preparetion.







             There is a mixture of practical work and theory.


    Students have the opportunity to look closely at artefacts, objects (including their own work) and talk about them with others.Students look closely at the natural and man-made world and record what they see.


   Kids study the works of established artists and discuss the techniques, skills and meanings.Children are provided with a variety of materials, tools, and resources for practical work.


   Curriculum created with lot's of activities which develop their experience of tools, techniques, media, language, line, shape, colour, texture and pattern. 


   Children are taught to use tools safely and to organise and care for materials and equipment.


   Children are encouraged to plan and revise their work, questioning, comparing and explaining ideas.






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