We are offering art class and art party for all ages!

Acrylic Painting

Course Description: In this class students will be introduced to the forgiving world of acrylic painting. Explore color, brushwork, composition, light and space while learning how to add your own personal style to your artwork. Students will employ their own subject matter from photographs as well as work from still life in the classroom. Exercises will be utilized to introduce students to representational, nonrepresentational and abstract forms of painting as well as elements of art and principles of design. Research of acrylic artists and styles may also be used in the learning process. Instruction will include demonstrations, individual instruction, group exercises and critiques.


Course Description:Learn about traditional methods of hand building (working with pinching, coiling and slab techniques) and get caught up in the excitement of the potter's wheel. We will guide you through the process of decorating and glazing your work. Reclaim your hands, rediscover your inner artist, and take home your original handmade treasures.


Abstract Painting

Course Description:This course brings together ideas about composition, color and your own personal voice. The class allows you the freedom to experiment, while at the same time receiving plenty of one-on-one instruction. Learn to compose your ideas through abstraction. Study the fascinating history of abstract painting, and learn the techniques of the masters as well.




Course Description: Anyone can learn how to draw. Drawing is an artist's most fundamental and useful skills. It is the point of departure for most artistic pursuits. This course will help you hone the technical and perceptual skills needed to draw with confidence. Exercises will include drawing from still life and photos while working predominantly with graphite.



Jewellery Making (Beginner/Intermediate)

Description: Learn the fundamental skills of a jeweller! Design aspects will be discussed and students will be encouraged to apply the techniques and concepts learned to create their own pieces.

A starter kit including basic tools and materials, must be purchased



Course Description: A watercolour course designed for the beginner and the not-quite-a beginner. This course covers all aspects of the watercolour medium. Each class will introduce new techniques through demonstrations, and you will have plenty of time to paint during class. Students receive lots of one-on-one attention from the instructor, as well as group critique.


Because Art is very good for you!



Relax, unwind, make new friends!



A tremendous amount of pleasure is guaranteed !