Artyka is perfect Art School to develop an artistic style, art knowledge and personal creativity.

Some of the benefits that we offer to our students include:

  • Wonderful fasilities!


We have three cozy, bright studios which are perfectly suited for creative expressions. More

We are conveniently located at the intersection of Langstaff Street and Dufferin Street, in Vaughan, ON.


  • Professional teachers

All teachers at Artyka Art School are experienced professional artists or educators!

  • Diverse programs!

Motivating programs with balance of fun, theory and practice!

  • Small Classes

Our classes are limited to 6 students!

  • Professional and safe art supplies

Quality canvases and non-toxic paint ensure the time is well spent!

  • Kids unique programs!

Our children s program covers the theory of color, painting, drawing and sculpture.

Children develop their imagination, visual literacy, knowledge and understanding of art through a variety of exciting and memorable art activities!

  • Art exhibitions!

Our students participate in Artyka art exhibitions. They receive encouraging feedback and rewards for art work that they exhibit!

  • You save time, energy and money!

We provide most of all art materials for our students!

  • More Art related benefits!

Our students have reported experiencing additional benefits: improved concentration and grades in other school subjects, a rise in personal confidence and presentation skills, and a new interest and appreciation of Art history.

Because Art is very good for you!




* Space is limited. Student / Instructor ratio is 6 to 1.